Hori Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa (PS5) Review

Hori Real Arcade Pro. V Hayabusa PS4-055
ReleaseJanuary 15, 2015
CompatibilityPS5 / PS4 / PS3 / PC
Dimensions16.9” x 9.4” x 4.5”
Cable3 m
Weight4.85 lbs

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Quick Facts

  • This is an accurate steel-base arcade replica.
  • This is a clone of the Nintendo Switch edition.


Hori veterans will feel familiar with the parts of the Real Arcade Pro. V Hayabusa that are high quality, although the joystick is looser than average, which could actually be something you prefer. The buttons are responsive and should appeal to everyone. The pads in the base make the arcade stick comfortable on one’s lap or a table.


Although quite similar to other Hori products, this unit features the original flatter design, which could put you off. That is because many players prefer a slope on a case to rest their wrists. On the bright side though, the more common Vewlix layout was brought back for the buttons instead of Hori’s layout. However, a headphone jack was omitted. Thankfully, the arcade stick is easier to mod than average but not that easy.


The black and red combination works well, but the arcade stick does not stand out that much. At least the minimalists have something to work with. In any case, our own artist, Marques West, has already made designs for this arcade stick before, such as this Nero one:

Nero artwork
Nero artwork


This is an okay fightstick with a balance of pros and cons that you should probably overlook if you have other options.

  • Performance is reliable
  • Layout is comfortable
  • Original flat design
  • Missing headphone jack




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