SYG Great Orochi Overview

Arcade Stick "Great Orochi" 3D Printed
ReleaseJune 4, 2022
CompatibilityPS4 / PS3 / PC


The Great Orochi by Italy’s SaveYourGames (SYG) can be ordered in hitbox or fightstick formats. It is 3D printed with PLA (polylactic acid), allowing SYG to customize the controller to the player’s preferences.

By default, the controller comes with a Brook PCB, namely the Brook PS4+ Audio, along with Sanwa/Seimitsu joysticks for the fightstick edition and Sanwa buttons for both editions. You can choose the color of the buttons and USB cable. In fact, you can tell SYG any customization requests you have!

There are at least three auxiliary buttons, with one having LED so you know whether or not the Great Orochi is powered on. You can choose the LED color as well as its position, meaning which button you would like to have LED. Otherwise, the SYG team has meticulously chosen the shape of the controller to be both ergonomic and light.

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