GCOM Arcade Stick Review

GCOM Arcade Stick
ReleaseSeptember 6, 2021
CompatibilityPC / MAME
Cable2 m


Perhaps the most striking feature of GCOM’s debut in the arcade stick arena is the layout of the six buttons. Besides that, not only was the arcade stick designed for PCs, it can also run on emulators like MAME.


The joystick is an eight-way joystick in the Japanese style that is reminiscent of the Sanwa JLF. If you like, you can even request the JLF itself. The stock joystick is taller and thinner than desired.

Instead of having run-of-the-mill arcade buttons, GCOM has chosen to implement clicky Kailh switches to enhance speed. In addition, the smaller profile brings them closer.

More about the custom keycaps: they are arcade-style round buttons with a surface that is slightly concave. Made of injection molded ABS plastic, they are smaller than average.

While the button layout may enhance ergonomics, they can also make certain button pressing combinations harder. On the bright side, the GCOM Arcade Stick has sloped edges for your wrists’ comfort.


The enclosure is made of rugged steel. The keycaps have been upgraded to stay put during play, and they are easily interchangeable. In fact, your order should come with an extra set of keycaps. If you have a UV printer, you can buy plain ones to print your own design using GCOM’s modder templates.

Regarding the secondary buttons, the dollar button is the start button, and the two rightmost buttons are for player 1 start & player 2 start.

There are four built-in operating modes (joystick, hat switch, and keyboard modes). There is built-in support for joystick and keyboard operation through a labeled flick toggle on the right side. Another toggle changes between players 1 and 2 on MAME. The detachable USB cable is braided, and its port is also on the right.


The ergonomic edges of the GCOM Arcade Stick also give it a unique look. Additionally, you can choose an overlay graphic to bring the arcade stick’s look closer to your liking. The colors include blue, purple, or red.


Retro gamers should consider the GCOM Arcade Stick if they long for that nostalgic joystick feel.

  • Interchangeable keycaps
  • Quality switches
  • Joystick options
  • Ergonomic edges
  • Button backlight
  • Color options
  • Detachable braided cable
  • MAME compatibility
  • Taller & thinner joystick
  • Fewer action buttons
  • Simultaneous button presses



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