What is the difference between an arcade stick and a fightstick?

They are both the same. Those are simply different wordings. However, “arcade stick” is more inclusive as it can involve games outside the fighting game genre, although that exceeds the scope of our website’s focus.

How are the arcade sticks rated?

Arcade sticks or fightsticks are rated heavily based on their performance and partially due to their hardware. Appearance is evaluated simply for the reader’s reference. That is because appearance does not determine how well you will perform with a fightstick. For example, you can win Evo with an ugly fightstick.

How has The Arcade Stick managed to review so many fightsticks?

Optimally, several fightsticks would be assigned to each member of a team of inhouse writers. Acquiring them would either involve buying them new, renting them, or simply buying and then reselling them to a retailer or third party. In some cases, manufacturers send free units.

Does The Arcade Stick receive any affiliate commissions for products?

While The Arcade Stick is indeed part of at least one affiliate program, affiliates have no influence whatsoever over the reviewing process. In fact, there are quite a few fightsticks rated one or two stars out of five.

What has The Arcade Stick planned for the future?

  • A forum dedicated to discussing everything related to fightsticks
  • Video reviews dissecting the most popular fightsticks
  • A fully functional ecommerce store selling relevant products
  • Our own signature line of fightsticks with the best design elements
  • Hosting booths in major tournaments that we also sponsor
  • Sponsoring professional players on their path toward glory