What is the difference between an arcade stick and a fightstick?

They are both the same. Those are simply different wordings. However, “arcade stick” is more inclusive as it can involve games outside the fighting game genre, although that exceeds the scope of our website’s focus.

How are the arcade sticks rated?

Arcade sticks or fightsticks are rated heavily based on their performance, partially due to their hardware, and aesthetics and price are rated simply for the reader’s reference. That is because aesthetics and price do not determine how well you will perform with a fightstick.

How has The Arcade Stick managed to review so many arcade sticks?

Optimally, several fightsticks would be assigned to each member of a team of inhouse writers. Acquiring them would either involve buying them new, renting them, or simply buying them and then reselling them to the retailer or a third party. In some cases, a fightstick is owned for good.

What about legacy controllers?

Since legacy controllers were not specifically designed for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and so on, they were omitted from the reviewing process. A legacy controller is simply an older generation controller that happens to be accepted by some games depending on developers.

What about the Capcom Home Arcade, Joy-IT Gamestation, and Retro City 2?

Although they are technically fightsticks, the Capcom Home Arcade runs its own games, the Joy-IT Gamestation runs emulated games, the Retro City 2 runs Raspberry Pi games, and none of them can be plugged into contemporary platforms to play other games, so they have been omitted from the reviewing process for the time being.

Does The Arcade Stick receive any affiliate commissions for products?

While The Arcade Stick is indeed part of at least one affiliate program, affiliates have no influence over the reviewing process whatsoever. In fact, there are quite a few fightsticks rated one or two stars out of five.

What has The Arcade Stick planned for the future?

At The Arcade Stick, innovation is the name of the game. Down the line, you can expect the following:

  • Presenting our website in as many languages as possible
  • Exclusive text and video interviews with fightstick manufacturers
  • Video reviews dissecting each and every contemporary fightstick
  • Creating our own signature line of fightsticks with the best elements
  • Hosting booths in major tournaments to sell fighstick related products
  • Selling fightsticks related products directly through the website as well
  • Sponsoring professional players to aid them in their path to glory