Eternal Rival Hitbox Overview

Eternal Rival - Mid Tier Stickless Mini
BrandEternal Rival
CompatibilityPS5 / PS4 / PS3 / PSC / XSX / XB1 / X360 / NS / WU / PC
Dimensions10.6″ x 6.7″ x 2.25-2.50″
Cable6 ft


Eternal Rival offers a plethora of cases, with this one being the Mid Tier Stickless Mini. When you order it, you receive the plastic panels and items needed to build the case. It is made of cast acrylic (plastic) and requires diligence.

The side walls of the case are comprised of one layer, and the top & bottom panels are comprised of two. Because of the way the bottom of the case was designed, you can flush mount the bottom or install rubber feet (hardware included). A manual is included with the case, and you do not need glue to put it together.

You can order kits from Eternal Rival that have all the inner components. Note that they do not come with buttons. You have to go elsewhere on the Eternal Rival website for buttons and so on. Buttons are sold in some colors, but not many.

These are the buttons you should be aiming for:

  • 24 mm buttons (11)
  • 30 mm buttons (only one)
  • Screw-on or snap-in compatible
  • Euro/Happ style incompatible

The layout can be southpaw as well. As for the auxiliary or side buttons:

  • 24 mm buttons (4)
  • Snap-in or low profile only
  • Euro/Happ style incompatible

As for the printed circuit board (PCB), which Eternal Rival can also provide, you connect the buttons to it and achieve compatibility with your console of choice through USB. That said, you can fit in any Brook PCB, but if your PCB is not Brook, adhesive stands would be needed. Mounting holes and hardware are included for free and can be upgraded.

If you go for the Brook Universal Fighting Board (UFB) with its UFB-UP5 attachment, you can maximize compatibility, including Neogeo Mini and Sega Genesis Mini compatibility. Eternal Rival carries the official Brook wiring kit with a PCB.

Regarding the passthrough, it is mounted on the front panel where you can disconnect the wire of the case. Your two passthrough choices are USB-C Adafruit and Neutrik, both of which Eternal Rival can provide.

When it comes to the wiring, you would need to grab from Eternal Rival or elsewhere the following:

  • 20 pin wire connector
  • L3/R3/TK wire connector
  • Short printer cable
  • Long cable (printer or USB C-to-A)
  • Stickless cable

The 20 pin wire connector connects to the PCB, which connects to the main buttons, home, start, and share. The ground wire has to be connected to each connector on the button, and which prong does not matter.

As for the L3/R3/TK wire connector, it connects to the analog stick buttons and touch key, the short printer cable connects to the PCB & passthrough, and the long cable connects the passthrough to the console.

Optional addons include:

  • Bit Bang Gaming player LED
  • Neoprene pad for lap play
  • Steel weights

Eternal Rival carries different colors of plexiglass, with the dark blue one not found in other stores. Art is printed on semi-gloss paper in RGB or CMYK. There can also be a clear top to add your own art, and you can order custom art through our own custom artwork service.

Han Gilbert, our artist, can draw a custom illustration for your Eternal Rival case. Check out his Vega art with this specific Eternal Rival hitbox’s template:


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