Ergobox Review

Ergbox Case

Quick Fact

As this is only a case, you would need to buy buttons, a cable, a printed circuit board (PCB), and so on.


The Ergobox Case perfectly fits your hands so that only your fingers need to move to register inputs. 720 motions feel particularly good. One thing you can do is easily choose what the two thumb buttons do using a switcher module that has different settings. The comfort level is high with the cushiony wrist rests and anti-slip rubber pads at the bottom.

Although revolutionary, the Ergobox will likely need time to get used to. Besides the kicks by default being a little too far down, there is no longer gravity that assists your fingers with each press when using an arcade stick, for example. Another concern is whether or not the Ergobox is suitable for all hand sizes.


The case is quite light and easy to carry around using the built-in handle. The USB cable can be stored by opening the bottom lid. That lid also provides easy access to buttons and wires. The case is 3D printed, but it does not feel cheap.


The Ergobox’s look is hit or miss depending on your taste. Two finishes are available. Regardless, it is cool that the case almost looks like a spaceship or multi-eyed monster.


This is quite the innovative piece with decent quality.


  • Mostly ergonomic
  • Quite stable


  • Some far buttons
  • No gravity assist



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