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Cubic Controller
PriceCubic Controllers
ReleaseJune 11, 2022
CompatibilityNS / Wii / GC / PC


Joey Orton’s Cubic Controllers are all-button controllers for Super Smash Bros. They are made of natural materials, so there are often minor imperfections. However, Orton takes his time choosing wood such as maple, mahogany, walnut, and cherry. He also takes his time with the finish to minimize imperfections. Although Orton has retired, you might still be able to get a Cubic Controller from him.

The undercoat is different per controller, but it is always urethane-based hard coating, which is used on countertops, so durability is not an issue. Sometimes, the controllers are comprised of acrylic.

As for the top finish, it is furniture paste wax, known for its toughness and ease of maintenance. Furthermore, it is available at hardware stores and easy to apply.

The controllers are held together with six bolts that take a 2 mm Allen key. As for the bottom plates, they have a front and back. The bottom panel is tightly fit. The internals are held to the board with four 2.5 mm hex bolts. The Model U circuit board is held by two of those, and they can be tightened if the port seems loose.

The keycaps can be translucent black or white. Cord ends can be black or white as well. Need to take out the keycaps or switches? You will most likely need a wire cap puller if there is a tight fit between the keys and case.

The switches are Gateron Clear mechanical ones. They have hot swaps so that you can change them into other switches that you may prefer. They run on Haystack’s firmware. It is remappable and comes with several game modes you can toggle between easily.

Cubic Controllers use a HTangl printed circuit board (PCB). PC connection is recommended through USB.

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