Bueno Woodworking Overview

Bueno Woodworking Indian Rosewood Maple All Button Enclosure
BrandBueno Woodworking
Dimensions18″ x 9″ x 2.25″
Weight6.13 lbs


Bueno Woodworking offers hitboxes and arcade sticks made of different types of wood from oak to walnut. For example, this enclosure has an Indian rosewood top with a maple body. The body is put together using box joints that add strength and rigidity. The back of the enclosure has four recessed holes for 24 mm auxiliary buttons such as start, select, home, and L3. As for the bottom panel, it is magnetic and allows easy access for installation and maintenance purposes. There is also an anti-slip neoprene mat attached to it.

Note that this enclosure comes with Sanwa OBSN buttons as well as a black Neutrik USB. There is no PCB or USB encoder, but you can message Bueno Woodworking about a full build.

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