Enth Arcade Stick Review in Progress

Arcade Stick for PS4, PS3, Switch, Retropie
PlatformsPS4 / PS3 / NS / PC
Size12.6” x 9.4”

Review in Progress

The Arcade Stick for PS4, PS3, Switch, Retropie is also compatible with Batocera. It packs a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT joystick along with eight Sanwa OBSF 30 mm buttons and five 24 mm Baolian buttons. The internal height is 37 mm. The printed circuit board (PCB) is the Brook PS4+ Audio Fighting Board. This handmade and hand painted arcade stick sports plastic rims for safe button installation and removal. All elements are custom. This product ships from Italy, and customs and import taxes and delays may apply to you. The price is quite steep. Be sure to check out Enth’s entire shop and collections where you can also find different or eroded colors that you can request to be applied to this arcade stick as well.