Smash Stick Review

Alt Lab Controllers Smash Stick Analog Arcade Stick
PriceAlt Lab Controllers
CompatibilityNS / WU / Wii / GC / PS3 / PC
Dimensions15.6″ x 10.0″ x 2.5″
Cable2.74 m

Quick Fact

The final product is not yet ready.


The Alt Lab Controllers Smash Stick Analog Arcade Stick uses a 100% analog joystick specifically designed by Alt Lab Controllers that is not limited in angles or values that it can hit. It has an octagonal gate with the bottom two corner notches aligned to perform Axe-style shield drops in Melee. The joystick’s range is smaller than what is found in regular arcade sticks. As a result, dash dancing feels quite comfortable. As for snapback or input deflection, the Smash Stick does not suffer from this problem. Needless to say, the Smash Stick improves on the dash-back issue with the GameCube analog stick but without 100% success due to Melee’s input polling. As for pivoting, whether empty or perfect, it is possible with the Smash Stick, although practice would still be needed. This controller works exceptionally well with guest characters in Smash, such as Terry Bogard.


This controller has a solid build, but swapping cables is needed to play on each supported platform. The unit was designed to be modder friendly with a modular construction that allows nearly all parts to be maintained or replaced.


The color scheme is quite refreshing and somehow fits the Smash theme in its own way. Furthermore, the silhouette is quite unique in addition to providing a fresh take on ergonomics.