8BitDo N30 Review

Price Amazon
ReleaseAugust 1, 2017
PlatformsNS / PC / Mac / Android / RPi
Size11.8” x 8.9” x 4.6”
Cable3 m
Weight3.07 lbs

Quick Facts

  • This is a wireless controller with a USB cable available for PC and Raspberry Pi.
  • There is Bluetooth support.
  • There is no HD rumble, S-axis motion control, or amiibo scanning.
  • Sanwa joysticks can fit.


The arcade stick can be comfortably sat on a lap or desk with full stability. Besides the weight, the sturdy metal plate on the bottom in addition to the quadruple rubber feet on each corner deserve credit. However, the joystick and buttons feel quite flimsy compared to other competitors on the market. Although the arcade stick is fairly functional, it does not work excellently. While fighting, moves might come out when others were intended to be inputted. Also, on a micro level, the response time is not optimal.


The arcade stick is of medium weight and hardware quality, which is likely due to the relatively low price of the arcade stick. However, it can be a good investment for those looking for quick fun when playing on the Switch or other uncommon platforms for fighting games such as Android and Raspberry Pi.


The N30 Arcade Stick resembles OG Nintendo products so much that it barely looks third party. It is as if a NES controller grew into an arcade stick. That is thanks to the light gray, black, and red mixture. Otherwise, it matches the OG Nintendo aesthetic so much that passers by might actually overlook it, thinking that it is from the much older generations of Nintendo, proving that the decision behind this color scheme is a double edged sword. Others will simply admire the faithfulness of the designer(s).


Considering the poor condition of the fightstick, it is clear why the price is very low on Amazon. Still, it is pointless to buy a poor product just because the price is low. Moves are supposed to come out when you input them. If you are in need of a Nintendo Switch fightstick, the Hori Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa is one step above.


Pros Knows its role
Matches Nintendo aesthetic
Cons Sloppy handling
Unintended outputs
Performance Fair
Hardware Average
Aesthetics Good
Score ⭐⭐