AllFightSticks Sega Review in Progress

PlatformsPS4 / PS3 / PSC / XB1 / X360 / NS / PC / Neogeo Mini
Cable3 m

Review in Progress

AllFightSticks is a well known provider of custom DIY arcade sticks and more, but it also has premade arcade sticks. The 14” Sega 2p 8 Plug-n-Play Fightstick (210) is made of an all metal enclosure with a Sanwa joystick and Sanwa buttons, and the color scheme is black and blue. The stock Brook Zero-Pi Fighting Board provides platform compatibility with the PlayStation 3, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can also pay to upgrade to the Brook PS4 Fighting Board Plus to make the arcade stick compatible with the PlayStation 4. Furthermore, the Brook Universal Fighting Board provides the maximum compatibility indicated in the table above. The NAUSB surround and support was provided by ButterCade. The two year warranty covers parts and labor. The fightstick itself is quite pricey.